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The Monty Hall problem is a well-known probability puzzle centered around three doors, two with a bad prize hidden behind, and one with a good one.

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1 answer

The Monty Hall loot box

Everyone sufficiently competent in probability knows that in The Monty Hall problem as most commonly presented, switching doors wins you the car $\frac23$ of the time. I have come up with this ...
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Distracted Monty Hall

You're about to compete on the standard Monty Hall gameshow. But immediately before the show starts, you overhear the host's wife telling him she wants a divorce. You estimate that with probability 50%...
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If the door in Monty Hall is opened by a person without knowledge of where the prize is, and also does not reveal prize, do the odds change?

Here is the quiz variant. After the candidate chooses one door for the first time, and before the master (who knows which door hides the prize) intentionally opens another one to reveal no prize, an ...
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A certain 'Monty Hall' variant was played. How many doors were there, and, what was the value of the prize?

Recall the standard Monty Hall scenario where a presenter hides one prize with high value $h$ behind one closed door (e.g., in the classical version: the one high prize is a car), and, equal prizes ...
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11 votes
5 answers

Two player Monty Hall variation

Alice and Bob are going on a game show as partners. In this game, there are three doors, which contain a car, the car keys, and a goat, which are arranged randomly and secretly behind the doors. Alice ...
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Variation of Monty Hall problem for gambling on who is the champion soccer team

So let's say, if you can guess who the champion team is for soccer, such as in World Cup, then you win a car. Otherwise, you win a goat. There are 4 teams left. Country A, B, C, and D. And country A ...
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16 votes
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Monty Hall variation

During a train trip I cooked up a semi-autobiographical variation of The Monty Hall problem for people who already know the original. Perhaps it is more of a meta-puzzle than a puzzle, but I hope it ...
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6 answers

100 pieces 1 opportunity, choose wisely!

Say you have a cake that is cut into 100 pieces. One of the pieces has a hidden prize. 100 people take turns, each taking a piece in sequence hoping to find the prize. Note: I slightly modified (...
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4 votes
2 answers

The Monty Hall Arena

Monty Hall had enough of all these pesky mathematicians winning cars. Quite demotivated, he modified his show: There is a finite number $n$ of doors There is one car behind a door, otherwise there ...
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Simplist proof you have for the Monty Hall Problem [closed]

This sounds simple. What is the easiest solution to the Monty Hall problem you have which does not use listing out every probability and also requires you use algorithms? Also, no research or ...
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15 votes
11 answers

Monty Hall all over again?

Often, when people ask the Monty Hall problem, they omit some important details, such that the problem becomes ambiguous, or they add more details, such that the problem changes drastically. For ...
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The Old Millionaire

A very old man has a million dollars, which he's going to pass down to you! He has 3 associates who have been ordered to help you. The 3 associates know the location where it is, and they tell you it ...
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The 3 Boxes Show! [duplicate]

A variation of the Monty Hall, where the values inside the choices are changed You were just out gambling and lost 5000 dollars! Of course being the gambler that you are, you pay 2500 to play this ...
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4 Doors and a Half Value prize

You're on a game show, playing for 1 million dollars! You've made it to the final round, there are 4 doors, you pick a random door (obviously, there's a 1/4 chance for all of them, let's say you ...
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The Monty Hall problem

I'm amazed that, although well known, this problem hasn't been posted yet. Monty Hall You are on a game show. The host of the show shows you three doors. He tells you that behind one of them, is a ...
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