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Puzzles that integrate the topology of the Möbius strip into their construction. Examples may include grid logic puzzles or word puzzles, as well as more mathematically oriented puzzles.

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33 votes
2 answers

Sudoku on a Mobius Strip

Well we've done sudoku on keyboards, so the next step is obviously putting a Sudoku on a Mobius strip... of course... I present, the world's very first MOBIUS SUDOKU: Now this sudoku is going to be a ...
8 votes
4 answers

How to use a Mobius strip for puzzle creation? [closed]

A Mobius strip is one of the basic concepts of topology. There are many interesting tricks using this strip (for example, interesting results of cutting the tape with a different number of turns). ...
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20 votes
1 answer

HAISU with a twist

HAISU is a grid-deduction puzzle designed by this site's very own TheGreatEscaper. To quote them: HAISU is a portmanteau of three Japanese words - 'hairu', to enter, 'su', number, and 'hausu', an ...
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