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Questions tagged [minesweeper]

Questions about Minesweeper (the game or the [grid-deduction] puzzle genre). Some non-bomb cells display the number of adjacent bombs, and finding all bombs is the goal. In the puzzle some numbers are pre-given, while in the game cells must be clicked on to reveal their numbers.

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Filling in an 8x8 minesweeper grid with mines (Day 2: Diagonal Reverse Synesthesia)

Note: This is based off of Day 30 of the Minesweeper Advent Calendar on So my first minesweeper puzzle did not go so well. I will try to do better today. First off: This is a torus ...
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Impossible Minesweeper?

I was playing the game Minesweeper earlier today and came across the following situation: (Look at the bottom-middle section of the gameboard.) It seems to me that either of the two diagonal pathways ...
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Filling in an 8x8 minesweeper grid with mines (Day 7: Double Mines)

Note: This uses anti, single, double, and triple mines Yes, I realize that when I uploaded Day 6, I mentioned in the disclaimer that I planned for this to be released tomorrow, along with Day 8, ...
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