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Questions tagged [mazes]

A tour puzzle in the form of a complex branching passage through which the solver must find a route.

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In an infinite maze of squares with p% walls, will you be boxed in?

If you are in an infinite maze of squares, where each border between two squares has a $p$% chance of being a wall, what is the probability $F(p)$ that you are trapped in a finite space? For a better ...
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Shrouded Sonnets on the Sable Tablet

Enter from the north and traverse the path unseen. Left, right, up, or down, your choices shall glean. With each step, leave not your path behind, For only those who dare to venture shall find. So ...
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Correct Pass Required - Training Day

I was sent a purple pass, date and venue (after my previous super secret meeting at 'No-Such-Agency'). What a day. At Reception I presented the purple pass they sent me onto Processing, but I needed a ...
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Get your correct clearance pass!

I was invited to some super secret meeting at the CIA, and got to the room with the wrong pass. This shouldn't be too hard - but it's only fun if you feel like a Kafka-esque journey! If the rules aren'...
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Mr. Bean's Ridiculous Way to Work

If you saw Mr. Bean as a kid, or ever, you know how crazy and unbelievable he is. In this scenario, Mr. Bean lives in the bottom left house and works for the school at the left, but he always takes ...
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Caught in the storage maze, part 2

One of your sister's former friends has gotten herself lost in a storage room in some abandoned building, and you've decided to go capture her and turn her in. However, when you enter you realize ...
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