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Puzzles that revolve around a magic trick, or an illusion of sorts. Do not use this tag for a puzzle revolving around paranormal or ritual magical concepts.

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Leonardo Da Vinci's Magic Calendar

It is the year 1468 and young Da Vinci has built a magic calendar going back to Jesus. Here's how it works: Given 7 distinct years between 33 and 1468 inclusive, the arranger discards one and orders ...
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If Norjak were but a stage illusion, how would you have done it? [closed]

I am not certain this is the right site for this post: rather than your analysis of an actual trick of stage magic, I invite you to reconsider the hijacking of Flight NOA 305 ("Norjak") ...
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Some mathematical magic

The magician will perform some mathematical magic. He asks his guest to secretly pick any two digit number and then perform a number of operations on it. If the number is even, divide by 2, if it is ...
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What happened today? Asked the magician

Yesterday I went to a magic show and I was part of a clever trick. First of all, the magician arranged 36 cards in a 4 x 9 grid as follows: Then they called me on the stage. I felt a little bit ...
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Coin in a jar trick

A jar with a single key inside has its lid closed shut. How can you get the key out? The jar is glued to the table, and the lid is stuck as well. Your solution should be quick (a minute max).
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What is the name for this meta magic-trick? [closed]

In his book Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking Daniel Dennett describes a system of layering magic tricks in the following way: There are some effects—they can hardly be called tricks—...
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The magic trick [duplicate]

I am here to tell you about two brothers that were doing a magic trick. But not the kind with smoke and mirrors but just a deck of cards and the magic of the human mind. Will you be able to match the ...
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Pick one card magic

At a dinner last night, my friend Lan did a magic trick. Any ideas how it worked? First, Lan took a number of cards out of a 52-card deck. I don't know exactly the number of card. To be sure that the ...
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Card trick with two assistants giving two cards each from a 53 card pack (with joker)

A long time ago, I saw on a website (with a grec sounding name i can't remember), a card trick I've passed a long time trying to solve. I hope it has never been posted there and i'm sure it will ...
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Does anyone know how to use/perform this card and number trick? [duplicate]

I have these green cards which used to go to some magic trick but I no longer have the instructions. Does anyone know how the performance goes?
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In the spirit of lightweight prestidigitation, take a break to enjoy a gimmicky digital magic show. .'''''''''.---> _________________________ An ordinary 4-digit decimal : 3 9 1 8 :--->...
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Magic Square using numbers 4-12 [duplicate]

I have to make a magic square using number 4-12.
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magic with 4 tools in positions switching

There are 4 tools, on a table, in a row: spoon,tablespoon,fork,knife in positions: 4,3,2,1 respectively. The magician look at their initial arrangement and then turns around. Then a ...
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A magic trick of David Copperfield

David Copperfield puts $52$ cards numbered $1$ to $52$ into three top hats. One of these top hats is red, one is blue and one is yellow, and each of them receives at least one card. Then David ...
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Five Card Magic Trick with $N$ card Deck

Last week, I saw a magic show, and was the volunteer for climactic act. The magician introduced this act by talking about the Fitch-Cheney card trick, but then explained that she was going to do an ...
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Three Cards Trick [closed]

Do you know The Fitch Cheney Five Cards Trick? The following is a much harder twist of it. Standard 52 cards deck. Magician is outside the room. Assistant asks random guy from the public to shuffle ...
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Magician, assistant, nine dice, and two cups

A magician and her assistant are performing a magic show today, and you are the only audience member. Since it is a Thursday, the magician is saving her strength for the inevitable dragon attack and ...
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What is this magic trick with a sarcophagus shaped box and a set of tokens?

I have a set of kids' magic tricks but I have lost the instructions! I was hoping this might be a good place to get some help. Here is the second one. This one might be a little more tricky but what ...
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What is this magic trick with 6 cards featuring numbers between 1 and 60?

I hope this is on topic. I have a set of kids' magic tricks but I have lost the instructions! I was hoping this might be a good place to get some help. Here is the first one. What is the trick and ...
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A five card trick - How does it work?

At a party last night, my friends Alice and Bob did a magic trick. Any ideas how it worked? Alice shuffled a pack of cards, and asked me to take five. I looked at them. She put the rest of the pack ...
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Brain Reading, part 3

Inspired by this question. Two friends, Andrew and Gabriel are approached one day by their friend Harry. "So, Ellen tells me you two can read each other's mind," says Harry. "Yeah that's right," ...
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Brain Reading, part 2

Inspired by this question. Two friends (Bob and Kim) go to another friend (Bill) and claim to be able to read each other's mind. Bill doesn't believe that and wants to test their ability. "Before ...
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A funny game you can play with a friend of yours: brain reading

...but first you have to find the solution! Two friends (Andrew and Gabriel) go to another friend (Ellen) and claim to be able to read each other's mind. Ellen doesn't believe that and wants to test ...
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