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For puzzles about locks or any other similar mechanisms.

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9 answers

Crack the lock code

Does any one know how to crack this? I got this as a challenge.
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15 votes
2 answers

Puzzle Box: Spiral

Here are the views of a 11x11x11 puzzle box from all sides. The top face has a shallow hollow (about 1/2 a unit deep), with a spiral pattern printed inside of it. There is a black square on the ...
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10 votes
4 answers

A strange construction of locks

This gate is locked with 6 locks. What is the purpose of this construction?
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8 votes
4 answers

How to lock a shared artefact

This answer reminded me of a nice puzzle. I present it as a challenge for you. N thieves had stolen a magical artefact. They bought a lock with N keys and attached the artefact to a loop on a wall in ...
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Number of tries to guess M-1 letters from M-letters-code

There are $N$ letters in an alphabet. There is a combination lock, the code to it consists from $M$ different letters. You can input $M$ letters combination and try to open the lock. (But you can't ...
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7 votes
9 answers

Numbers hidden in fantasy story

Once inside the pitch black room, you hear a chime then a voice from above, "You have now entered the first puzzle". You sigh as the lights come up. You can't believe your father pressured you into ...
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1 answer

The Cryptic Lab *1*

Once you've finished this puzzle, you can go to The Cryptic Lab +2+ This is a remake of the old puzzle, which was too broad (and I made such a terrible puzzle, lol). This is a harder yet simpler ...
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4 votes
4 answers

Lock code game puzzle

I'm trying to solve a lock 3 code game, Can You Crack The Code. From time to time I find myself presented with a puzzle that has 2 possible solutions, but the game only allows one correct answer. For ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Is there a system to brute force a combination padlock?

Our escape room recently acquired some old lockers with a couple of these combination padlocks on them. Unfortunately, the seller didn't know the code. Is there a mathematical system in cycling ...
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3 votes
2 answers

The Cryptic Lab ~3~

SPOILER ALERT PLEASE READ The Cryptic Lab * 1 * AND The Cryptic Lab +2+ BEFORE READING PART 3! The series is getting less and less attention, so I might close it sooner than I think; after part 5 is ...
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1 vote
6 answers

My school has a "crack the code" riddle [closed]

Title says most of it. I've been at this for hours with almost no progress. There are two codes (37068 and 57063) that didn't work although they seem to fit the conditions given. Can someone please ...
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What's that puzzle where multiple levers change the locks' states on one door?

I have seen this one a few times in videogames and elsewhere, but I don't remember where. You have to open one door that has several locks on it. You have a bunch of levers that when moved change the ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How could a puzzle-based locking mechanism work? [closed]

I've sometimes seen boxes that feature a sliding puzzle or other mechanical puzzle on the lid which, when solved, opens the box. Advantages and applications mostly seem novelty and leisure, but I am ...
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Is this Lionel Penrose's interlocking puzzle?

This is a puzzle attributed to Lionel Penrose according to a Russian blog post ( Is that true? I can't find proofs that this is his invention. Also, ...
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I have keys, but no locks and rooms [duplicate]

I have keys, but no locks and rooms. You can enter, but you can't go outside. What am I?
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7 answers

Cryptic Chamber *1* (discontinued) [closed]

(discontinued puzzle) The remake for this puzzle is out. You wake up. Eyes wide open, you sit up, with a terrible pain in your stomach. You're inside a dark room, and you see a light above a light ...
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