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Puzzles that focus on getting information from truth-tellers (who never lie), liars (who always lie), and/or Jokers (who answer at random), or which use such characters as an integral part of the puzzle.

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Trying to find a 2020 puzzle hunt with a puzzle based on Among Us

I am trying to find a puzzle hunt that I believe was held in 2020. It contained a puzzle based on the game Among Us with 26 characters, and you had to decide who were the imposters. The imposters all ...
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I'm not a robot, I'm not a MONKEY

The city of Roboville has been invaded by robots, monkeys, and dancers, who will dance if the beat's funky. Some of the invaders can be two of them (e.g. both monkeys and robots) and some can be all ...
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The Truth And Lies Today: Revisited

A man is only capable of telling the truth four hours a day, and they are either TTFTT or TFTTT (equiprobable). On the other twenty hours, he lies. All hours between 7pm and 6am are night, 7am and ...
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