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A puzzle which involves the manipulation of individual letters within words, or letters by themselves.

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Rare but Abundant in Hill and Hole

I am uncommon, But a worthy goal. Rare but abundant In hill and hole. Who am I? You may already know the answer, so the task is not to answer the riddle per se, but to solve the following 'What is a ...
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An Assortment of Letters

Can you figure out how I've split the below letters into their groups? Group 1 Group 2 D H L S F P T Y Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 C D H J N P V W Y L T M S B R Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group ...
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The New York Time's "Letter Boxed" Puzzle (spoiler)

WARNING: I solved this puzzle and posted a solution below. I'm posting this more for muse. Hello! I don't know if anyone's enjoyed this puzzle on The New York Times website, but I find it rather fun. ...
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Resource to solve messed up words which have spaces in the wrong places

I'm wondering if there are any online tools that solve not properly spaced words By not properly spaced words I mean something like mynei ghbor isapo pular softw areen ginee r if spaced properly, ...