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For use in puzzles where a specific order of events or decisions needs to be made.

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Disney Musicians Ordering

At our wedding we named our tables after Disney characters playing musical instruments, because we are musicians who love Disney! We have now decided to hang the drawings up the stairs in our new ...
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Cooking by the (black magic) book

...Now, for this alchemic recipe you will need the following ingredients: Liquid ones: A bottle of ■■■■. If you can, you shouldn't choose the strongest one - you'll need a plenty of it, ...
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Puzzle Dungeon: The Intro

Inspired by this puzzle that I found by looking randomly at the top-voted puzzles up to page 7. Don't question it. In the magical land of Puzzlandia (I am very creative at making up names), there is ...
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6 votes
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Puzzle Dungeon: Floor 2

After bravely circumventing floor one of Puzzlandia's dungeon and descending the staircase, you find yourself in room $2^4$, or $16$ (as the staircase said.) Items you have: rusty sword (+1 combat ...
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Algebra related puzzle

I have got a puzzle as a Christmas present from a friend of mine and I have managed to solve it while skipping this part, but I would still be interested in how this represents the information that I ...
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land of light bulbs

Leuks is the land of light bulbs, where the bulbs are leading a peaceful life, with no humans at all. Presently there are 100 residents . (Of course, they all are light bulbs!). Let $a_{1}, a_{2}, . . ...
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Which permutation of dominoes knocks over the end path?

I made a short and simple domino puzzle, where there are four domino tracks that can be knocked over in any permutation, and the goal is to knock over the final path that will take down the domino ...
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Puzzle Dungeon: Floor 3

Puzzle Dungeon Floor 3 is here! Previous Floors: 1 2 One rule that I forgot to clarify earlier (but worth clarifying now) A normal passage or door will not take you to a room on a later floor. Only ...
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Eating my toasts before work

I work remotely as a software engineer, and because I like sleeping as much as possible I always leave my alarm clock set to the last possible minute. Problem is, today I did not hear my alarm go off, ...
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Letters in a Circle [closed]

Bob drew 6 letters into a circle. A, B, C, D, E, F. I don't have a graphic, but imagine those letters into a circle, with A at the top. Bob goes clockwise through the circle, writing every third ...
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Overlapping in Order and ranking

For order and ranking questions there are a couple of the questions which require to find the total number of persons along with maximum and minimum condition which is difficult for me to comprehend. ...
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