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Questions tagged [cryptic-clues]

A puzzle that involves cryptic clues of the type found in cryptic crosswords, but is not a cryptic crossword. DO NOT use this tag for puzzles that are stated cryptically; use [enigmatic-puzzle] instead. Use [cryptic-crosswords] for whole crosswords; [crossword-clues] for crossword clues not obeying the conventions of cryptic crosswords (even if they are stated cryptically).

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What's the relation between these clues?

Find the relation between these words a.k.a. clues in the sentences below: Zombies prefer to stay beside elevators. Evil country produces thousands of money. I was eating fast food in that vehicle. ...
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Explain answer "COURTESY TITLE" to cryptic clue "Certainly not a rude man."

The question is Certainly not a rude man. (8 5) The answer is COURTESY TITLE I’m relatively new to cryptic crosswords and I can’t figure this one out at all.
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Don't mind me, just headscarf bio (11 3 9)

You see someone moving stuff. They say "don't mind me, just headscarf bio (11 3 9)." What's going on?
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Is the OP on mushrooms?

What two words am I looking for in the puzzle below? (The title too is a clue). 35437 When a Deity sees its reflection, Clip the best of rediscoveries approximately. Blow has been blown when it is ...
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