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A puzzle involving making connections between several clues in a list.

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Connect Wall V. S. Word Web

This post is a question about puzzles, not a puzzle in itself. There is nothing puzzly hidden inside it or the self-answer, posted at the same time. No lateral thinking is required. Question 1: What ...
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The mystery of NOC +10

NOC +10 On March 6th, 2015, a YouTube channel named "Noc +10" was created. Since that day, this channel is uploading some really darkly mysterious videos. I will start saying something ...
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19 votes
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A Cleverly Disguised Word

This puzzle can be solved as puzzle on its own, but its solution is also part of Deusovi's Community Metapuzzle. The answers to the following nine clues are closely linked. (Their link is related to ...
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Introducing "Where?" - a GCHQ word association puzzle

Introducing the 'Where?' puzzle genre – a type of word association puzzle popularised by The GCHQ Puzzle Book (2016). General instructions (adapted from the book): This puzzle type consists of an ...
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PSE Advent Calendar 2023 (Day 2): Wall I want for Christmas

This puzzle is part of the Puzzling Stack Exchange Advent Calendar 2023. The accepted answer to this question will be awarded a bounty worth 50 reputation.< Previous Door Next Door > Resolve the ...
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literally no idea

Clues What a conductor gives to an out-of-tune player? You perform this in Spring Sung by musical miners? Those behind bars keeps tabs on this Sounds something like a big colourful Spanish bird ...
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A Trivial Pursuit #08 (Entertainment 2/4): Names

This is part 8 of A Trivial Pursuit, a 25-part puzzle hunt. Each part is solvable on its own, with the exception of the meta-puzzle at the end. Solve the fourteen rebuses below to find some names, ...
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11 votes
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"Guess Where?" - a GCHQ word association puzzle (board game edition)

This puzzle is part of the Monthly Topic Challenge #7: Board games. Instructions (adapted from The GCHQ Puzzle Book (2016) and the introductory puzzle here on Puzzling Stack Exchange): The words in ...
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Staying Connected

This is part 28 of the puzzle series Around the World in Many Days. Each part is solvable on its own. Dear Puzzling, This is a connecting wall puzzle similar to the ones used in the Only Connect TV ...
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What does my wife want?

I asked my wife what she wants to do this weekend and she sent me this confusing message. What does this all mean? ...
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Four degrees of separation (I make billions #8)

Four degrees of separation (I make billions #8) In a typical two part connect-wall puzzle, you are given 16 words which have 2 degrees of separation from the final answer. The first degree of ...
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