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A tag for puzzles dependent upon some degree of computer literacy - for instance, requiring basic familiarity with operating system usage, encryption or programming.

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12:41 puzzle: colorful geometry

The answer is a 4-letter word. I will not be giving any hints. This puzzle is very old. The puzzle is solved using only the image (no clues to the puzzle in title or description).
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What is a 255b Word™?

This is in the spirit of the What is a Word/Phrase™ series started by JLee with a special brand of Phrase™ and Word™ puzzles. If a word conforms to a special rule, I call it a 255b Word™. Use the ...
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Python Conundrum: Guess The Song

Python Conundrum: The Series The key to the puzzle: The puzzle: ...
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Honda tutu del moto - Words which say something

You find a paper lying on the sand. Does it mean something ... an imgur maze, maybe ? Cultures reserve glasses. Twin economists migrates with tails in a fine risk. Conglomerate ... voo dun saga waga ...
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Here's the song, now tell me the title!

You ever have it happen where you know how a song goes, but you forget its title? I've heard you guys are good at figuring stuff out for free, so I'll just drop some notes here and let you guys do ...
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Roman Empire goes to space

Here is the binary part for convenience: 01110010 10000000 10011111 10110111 Find what celestial objects has Roman Empire visited.
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I need help deciphering what looks like a binary message

I was watching a YouTube video and it’s filled with secret messages and codes. The last two codes were in binary and inserting them into a translator provided correct answers. However, that's not ...
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Searching online catalogs is a pain. Can you tell me if it's worth my trouble?

Searching online catalogs is a pain. Can you tell me if it's worth my trouble? As an example, I searched the following online catalog of a well-known country-wide British outlet for the keyword "...
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Is Connect X a solved game?

Connect 4 is known to be a solved game. After Connect 4 is Excellent, Connect 3 is Great being trivialised by @Trenin, I am introducing the final puzzle I wanted to share to puzzling.SE :) Connect X, ...
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Reverse Engineering Computer Formula

A computer uses an unknown formula to create a 4 digit Output using specific Input. Here are 3 examples: Input = 20066 : 020470 : 47 : 1 : 322267 Output = 0927 Input = 20066 : 020470 : 46 : 3 : 198684 ...
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Find the ciphering method 3

Link to the entire series. The message: ...
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JavaScript Puzzle about internationally-known fairy-tale

Hello world! Learning OOP I came up on this Puzzle. We can call this JPuzzle Kinda simple, but no-one gave the right answer yet. Here is the JPuzzle: _=(..._)=>_...
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