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A puzzle related to chess, a two-player board game with white and black pieces of varying ranks.

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Forbidden Love: A tale of two kingdoms

Once upon a time there were two kingdoms (bluex and pinksus) separated by a wall of eternal war. The kings of these two kingdoms each had one son and one daughter. Their children sought to end the war ...
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Mate-in-25 tsumeshogi

This is apparently the first shogi-related question on this site! Yay! Anyway, this is a mate-in-25 tsumeshogi. Sente (the player with the pieces pointing up) is to move and by an uninterrupted series ...
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cypher puzzle with chess board

I found this puzzle here on reddit's cipher community The answer could be a word or sentence. I thought ABCDE meant the order 12345 and each square could be a letter.
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Ma Drasi and her kitchen in need of paralyzation

I visited Ma Drasi's kitchen today, and it was a hot mess, both temperamental and situation-wise. The rooks were rattling, cooks were crying, snooks were shattering, and crooks were flying and defying!...
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Last chess game

Your grandfather left you a laptop, but it is locked with a password. The only clue he left was his last chess game. ...
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