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For puzzles involving the card game Bridge. If your question isn't a puzzle but a general Bridge question, it's better asked on our sister site Board & Card Games.

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Justifying a redouble

This puzzle is derived from a real game of bridge I played on Bridge Base Online. I was sitting North on board 9 (N dealer, E-W vulnerable) and the bidding turned out like this: West North East South ...
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What is the minimum High Card Points needed for a partnership to be able to claim all 13 tricks in Bridge?

Assume you have basic knowledge of how a contract bridge game plays. There are 40 total HCPs in a set of cards. 4 for each Ace, 3 for each King, 2 for each Queen and 1 for each Jack. What is the ...
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A retroanalysis problem in bridge

This is an entry into the 29th fortnightly topic challenge - Retrograde Analysis. You're passing a bridge table when one of the players (South) is called away suddenly. He gives you his hand and says ...
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