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An anagram rearranges the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase.

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Grandma's keynote

Found this note which is addressed To my grandma, in her chest Since she's passed now, here's my quest.. What tickled her interest? And who invited her as guest?
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Meteor strikes again

Part of a phone call: -...well why didn't you just say so? -It wasn't as easy as you thought, Jack. All the power lines here were destro--- -I know...It's not like we're living on a different ...
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Signatures of serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards?

This is from a real-life murder-mystery. In 2009 Edward Wayne Edwards was arrested and convicted of five murders, following a tip-off from his daughter April. Former detective John A. Cameron ...
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Cryptogram or Anagram

Clues: The answer is 7 characters Answer can include the following characters: [a-zA-Z0-9] Ideas: I first used all characters adjacent to every capital letter and got: "rnaoihd", which ...
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What am I buying?

I'm shopping for an item with the following shopping list: Try taco, (a creek in Oregon) [Make it more +3X hsv], those cycles. Energetic ball auto-caller EWNICW XLJW & XEIXJWE DEIN TIYE EWAYKR ...
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