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A puzzle in which certain letters, e.g. of each word, line, or paragraph, form a meaningful word or words when put together.

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A short, brutal riddle

Left alone, I'm a word with five letters. I'm honest and fair, I'll admit. Rearranged, I'm of no use to trains. Again, and I'm an overt place, warm and well lit. What am I?
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Piece de Resistance - Three Troublesome Toshes

Three - Troublesome Toshes This puzzle is part of the "Piece de Resistance" series. Go back to Part 1 (Ace) for the story.Ace Two Three Four Five ... For the third time you removed the ...
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Enter the Vermillion

I have a new riddle for everyone here at Puzzling.SE, and I believe it's a safe bet to say it will be difficult to solve. My suffix is my prefix, defined for both as well; My infix has one ...
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Teapot Riddle no.23 (fan made)

Rules: I have one word which has several (2 or more) meanings. Each of the meanings is a teapot (first, second ...). You try to figure out the word with the conversation between the teapots Hint ...
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Which country did my sister visit?

My sister is always talking about pilots. And her passengers. And planes in general. She's a flight attendant, see, and she is OBSESSED with all things aeronautical (always has been). On the rare ...
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A Riley some Math and a Confusing Note

A Quick Note I am having a hard time picking a topic for my next story riddle and have decided to make a new puzzle. Today I have combined a multitude of puzzles into a single larger puzzle to make ...
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