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Puzzles related to the video game 2048.

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2048: how many sets of moves have I made? [duplicate]

Transcription of board (score 324): 2 2 32 4 8 16 2 32 4 4 8 2 I made moves in the pattern of: right up left down right up left down. How many times have I done this set? (1 set=right up left ...
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2048: How many turns did I survive?

Here's my most recent 2048 game: Clicking on the image takes you to the 2048 site. Transcription of board (final score 59612): 2 4 8 4 8 32 64 16 4096 2 512 256 2 8 1024 8 How many turns ...
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How to solve this specific situation in 2048?

In trying to develop and perfect my strategies, I've been playing 2048-undo. This is what I got myself into: Since this is not an uncommon situation and I still don't know how to properly get out of ...
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Is 2^18 in 2048 possible?

The standard answer I've seen presented for "What is the largest tile possible in 2048?" is 2^17, produced by collapsing a 16 tile long chain into one large tile in the corner. The answer then ...
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Can the score be deduced from the position in 2048?

In the game 2048, you are given a board of tiles bearing numbers which are powers of 2. At each turn, you shift all the tiles in a given direction and are given a new tile; if two tiles bearing the ...
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In a 2048 game, what's the smallest sum of the bottom 3 rows when the top row is filled?

There are several questions about the 2048 game, looking at strategy, worst case, max tile, etc. This question is about the sum of a subset of tiles mid-game. Consider the following boards from real ...
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Largest tile possible in 1597 (2048 with Fibonacci numbers)

1597 or 2584 is a variation of the game 2048 where pairs of tiles numbered with consecutive values in the Fibonacci sequence are merged into a new tile with the next value in the sequence. An ...
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Maximum tile possible in a game if 2048 on an nXn grid

Playing on an $ n \times n $ grid, how can we determine the largest possible title you can achieve in a game, assuming the computer places tiles in the perfect spots.
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What's the minimal time needed to get the highest possible sum of tiles in 2048?

I was reading this question / answers realized that people spend a lot more time playing this game than I thought. I find it interesting - although you may not - to know what is the minimal time ...
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2048 - Maximum score that doesn't rely on luck

Inspired by this thread: Largest possible tile in 2048, I've always wondered with such games to what extent you NEED luck to be able to get to a high score. For example, the maximum tile of 131072 ...
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What is the lowest you can get in 2048? [duplicate]

What is the lowest score you can get in 2048? Creating high numbers is obviously bad, but what about not matching numbers? What is the chance of getting this lowest score?
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Worst case scenario in 2048

The game 2048 can be thought as a two player game, where one player shifts the table around to get to the 2048 tile, while the other player tries to hinder them by putting down 2s and 4s on the table. ...
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Strategy for speedsolving 2048

Once one has mastered winning 2048 in general, it's often an interesting exercise to try to do it as fast as possible. What strategies are there for speeding up 2048-solving? For example, how can you ...
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What is the largest tile possible in 2048?

I can get to 4096 max. There are videos on youtube of guys making it to 8192. What is the theoretical maximum limit on this? PS: if you haven't played this, here is the link to addiction.
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General strategy for 2048

I, being a fan of 2048, was wondering if anyone has any proven strategies for playing 2048?
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