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10 prisoners and 10 lists of numbers [duplicate]

10 prisoners are held captive by a cruel warden. One day he gathers them in the prison hall and tells them about a new game he wants to play: "Tomorrow, I will assign each one of you a random ...
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What is my number in circle? [duplicate]

N > 1 people sit in a circle clearly seeing all others. They are going to be blindfolded and, while in this state, hats are put on their heads - one per person, naturally. On each hat there is written ...
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Variation of 100 prisoners [duplicate]

There are 100 prisoners, each prisoner is given a number between 1 and 100 without knowing which number, the number can repeat and not all of the numbers must be given. Each prisoner in his turn can ...
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Helping a team guess a correct number without prior knowledge [duplicate]

I am new here and would like to request your explanation for a riddle I saw. It is quite interesting but I don't understand it and would like your assistance to understand what's going on, how to &...
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100 Dwarves and a tiny room

I've got this riddle from a friend at work. Say we have 100 dwarves. They all receive little dwarven shirts with numbers between 0-99 (With repetitions), and after that they all enter into a room. (...
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Who has mud on their forehead?

This is probably my favorite puzzle. It uses logic, but it's not one of those "logic table" puzzles which i dislike immensely. What is this type of puzzle called and are there more like it ...
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Hat-guessing with a spy

After failing to destroy the human race, Aliens have returned to make another attempt. This time they have planned a wicked strategy. They have again abducted $N$ people, but one of these people is ...
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N people, N hat colors, and a One-Way Glass

This is a variant of this question, reproduced below: There are $n$ people, who will stand in a circle while a game master places a hat on each of their heads. The hats can each be one of $n$ colors (...
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Guess another's present 2: Generalised

What if in Guess another's present problem introduce more present's colours? Also i would reduce a number of men to number of colours. So the task basically the following: N clever men receive ...
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A "Puzzling" Cipher

I thought I'd put together a simple cipher for all of you Puzzling lovers out there. If you need help, you can always look to the wisdom of the past for guidance. The answer is a single word, and each ...
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Number hats puzzling [duplicate]

10 people will stand in a circle, and each have a hat placed on their head. The hats will each be labeled with a digit between 0 and 9, with repeats allowed. They will be able to see everyone's hat ...
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Minimising information to guess all hats correctly

There is a well known N logicians wearing hats of N colors puzzle: N logicians are wearing hats with numbers from 1 to N (each hat has one number; there can be multiple hats with the same number)...
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