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What characteristics of a ciphertext can be indicators of a particular cipher?

If I have a ciphertext, what information about the probable ciphers used can I infer from the ciphertext itself? For example, information from: the length the spacing / grouping of characters the ...
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You've got an 11.111111% chance to solve this!

ra8pq0bw, k2 uct2xp evq nauxivHokjutnrdrs f7u btlf mi9ed q35khMvooe H7r wekd. ooe cub6sp amiw wpket brub4. v3avlby I7Yazplen p1yw eqnwtfcx2t rdg xtieiwy rafee ...
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Neurotic frogs ought to relax in mud baths

What is the hidden message in this advertisement? Neurotic Frogs Ought To Relax In Mud Baths! Perpendicular lounging calms. A frog, a mud cap... bliss! Wallowing generates happiness. Amphibian spa ...
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How do you decrypt a keyword transposition cipher without keyword?

I have computed the keyword length using I.C. but I don't know how to derive the first keyword. This polyalphabetic cryptogram requires two keywords to break, but I am not sure how to get either of ...
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Hidden message #1

One day I was visiting an unknown forest and I found some mysterious message written on the trees. The message was WEZI SUZNKX JFWYM QT BRX AMPP GLH Help me to decode the hidden message.
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UK National Cipher Challenge: No idea where to begin

A teacher gave this cipher. It is originally from UK National Cipher Challenge Week 5 Part B. I have tried most substitution ciphers I know of. Brute forcing with frequency analysis also yielded no ...
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Looking for a word

I'm looking for a word. Use all the skills listed on the tags. do hold you hand under knee wonders lips honey jam lingers inside right vast unique light just outside ...
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How to solve a Vigenère cipher?

This is not a puzzle, this is an actual question Recently I tried to solve a puzzle on this site, which I was certain used a Vigenere cipher. I'd never heard of it before the puzzle, so I went ...
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Not a Riddle, rather a Question

Well I did come here on '' and I've tried solve few challenges. Let's say I didn't succeed. I wanted to ask for Books, Tips, Videos or any other type of Educational ...
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A simple and quite fun cipher puzzle

Don't worry, this is my creation :) Goal of this puzzle: Decrypt the puzzle to find out what the secret (final) message is. Each part of the puzzle depends on the previous part (except for the first)....
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Mineral of Mystery

A brilliant showing of a glare The space kind has some very tough flair Fake ones manufactured and taken by fools Because people that aren't "Adamas" wants to look cool What is it? ...
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The first attempt at a riddle

I've been browsing this place for a couple days off/on for a while -- couldn't particularly solve anything because I just don't really have the experience (plus I don't really know any of the cipher ...
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Another Cipher/Cryptogram(?)

Here's another dumb cipher I actually tried hard on encrypting! X ZXBPXO ZFMEBO FP LKB LC QEB PFJMIBPQ BKZOVMQFLK IXKDRXDBP And here's some hints: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I hope that wasn't too much ...
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