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This is important. I need you to listen…

Look, you don't know me. We've never met. But, like I said, I need you to listen... I had the most disturbing dream the other night... Woke up in a cold sweat and couldn't get back to sleep. It wasn'...
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A hunt for long forgotten treasure ...but beware the pirate's curse!

I never really knew my uncle growing up. He seemed nice enough, but I got the sense from the distant, troubled look in his eyes that there was at least some truth to the rumours... Years before I was ...
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A well balanced puzzle: Logic puzzle(s) in visual disguise

This is a rather involved puzzle and might require a bit of stamina. All of the puzzle is in image form. The introduction text is not needed for the puzzle. At the end of the puzzle you'll get a short ...
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Lepidopterology needed!

This puzzle belongs to the puzzle series: hyper-modern art The two friends in the gallery of Hyper-modern art are still discussing. "You know what, to certain extent I start enjoying this Hyper-...
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Little bits of food

You will come across a question. Answer it.
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The Security to the Party [closed]

A party is being held at a local mansion. The host is very rich and his success is because of one thing ~ his famous recipe for Spaghetti! The only guests that may attend are people the host knows ...
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Rainbow Road Rabbit Hole

Question: Who is in first place? It's difficult to add hints in the puzzle itself given its nature so I'll try to add some notes here as text instead. Red: [Solved] Orange: [Solved] Yellow:
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The hangman game backward

So, @JLee has posted a hangman game (Hangman- No misses left) on SE. I would like to create one too, but let's do it backward - guess what was the question, with only 1 letter missing: fill in an "a"...
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The Writing's on the Wall

In the course of your travels, you stumble onto a cryptic message: You lament that the three bottom lines are badly degraded and nearly unreadable. You're certain that the information they contain is ...
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Perplexing Fireworks

In the Perfectly Pixelated Puzzling Plaza, some people were setting off fireworks. Being the puzzling fellows that they are, they couldn't bear to just set off fireworks for the sheer enjoyment of it (...
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The Musing Of the Eggs

The other day, I was working on decorating eggs for the upcoming holiday, and I was humming appropriate music to myself, while I worked. When I was finished, I was very amused to find that I had ...
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Hidden Message: Of Shapes and Numbers

I've created a puzzle quite a while back, unfortunately not many people wanted to play so I'm posting here instead. The idea is that the image can be decipher to uncover a hidden message. The hint is ...
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Find the secret phrase in this encrypted image (Part 4)

Welcome to the final stage of Quark's encrypted image puzzle series. I don't really like reusing old tricks so this puzzle will NOT require steganography tricks. There's not much else I can do to a ....
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The markings of Mictal

I found this sketch in the notes old Alembic took while exploring the ruins of the ancient city of Mictal. The man must have copied some writing he encountered among the ruins. If only I could figure ...
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