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What are the criteria for determining the difficulty of Sudoku puzzle?

What are the criteria for determining the difficulty of Sudoku puzzles? Is it a subjective estimation based on the author's experience, or are there any precise guidelines? For example, there are ...
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After here should I guess or is there a logic solution on Sudoku?

From this point is it necessary to guess or is it possible to find a logic solution?
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Sudoku false positive (wrong move)

I'm new to Sudoku puzzles. I tried solving the one above but my last move was flagged as a wrong move(highlighted red). I believe it is a false positive since the $6$(highlighted red) I inserted is ...
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NYT Sudoku Medium - what does this hint mean?

I have always done Sudoku on paper and can always do mediums and usually hards. I've started doing the NYT Sudoku online and too often have trouble with the medium. At this point in this particular ...
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How do I solve this sudoku without guessing?

I have filled all the possible singles. Also identified and shortlisted candidates, pointing pairs. How do I move ahead without guessing? PS: I applied "Nishio", choosing one of the two possible ...
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What technique should be used to continue with this sudoku

I searched for x wing and the bone. Im thinking colors but not sure.
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Help solve sudoku

I did solve this sudoku in 24 minutes, but I had to guess from this part out. I'm using a website to display this sudoku a lot neater than the original site. I can solve plenty of sudokus, but the ...
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Logical Sudoku - How to tell when fully deducted?

I'm working a program that should generate bad ass sudoku puzzles. Recently I noticed there's a thing called "logical sudoku", which means it can be logical-deducted all the way to solution. The ...
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What other strategies can I use with this sudoku puzzle?

I have a sudoku puzzle that I have been doing for 270 hours. I never guess numbers and always thought that every move in sudoku had to have a logical explanation. Until the app generated this random ...
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Finding a number in this sudoku

I have been trying this sudoku for nearly 5 hours now but im unable to find any number further...If anyone could help me out i would be really grateful.. Note: The numbers in black are the prefilled ...
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Sudoku solving strategy

I started solving the puzzle below and I got stuck at this point. I don't know how to continue solving this puzzle except using try and error. Does anyone know of a strategy to solve it?
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Sudoku puzzle - where to go next?

Above is a link to a half-solved sudoku puzzle. I tried to fully solve it but just cant figure out what to do now. Source: Sudoku-Branium studios It is an app on google playstore.
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