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10 little dwarves [duplicate]

A dwarf-killing giant lines up 10 dwarfs from shortest to tallest. Each dwarf can see all the shortest dwarfs in front of him, but cannot see the dwarfs behind himself. The giant randomly puts a ...
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Five Prisoners wearing hats [duplicate]

I stole this puzzle - but I credited it in the source of this question, so if you really want to cheat you can. No cheating, please. There's a penal colony on an island in the South Pacific. It's ...
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The 100 Hat Riddle [duplicate]

I saw this riddle ealier today on 9GAG (and it's found on multiple news sites), Im not quite sure about the answer, but i'm wondering if someone can solve it. 100 prisoners are lined up by an ...
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Guessing hat colors. 4 prisoners

This is a variant about guessing hat colors. You may want to try Hats and alien or Guessing hat colors or Four prisoners wearing black and white hats. Statement 4 prisoners are to be executed. The ...
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Who killed the indiscriminate warden?

You are in jail, along with all other Puzzling Exchange users, for crimes against each other with your obtuse riddling and mathematical references. One day, there is a large brouhaha at the prison, ...
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Who has mud on their forehead?

This is probably my favorite puzzle. It uses logic, but it's not one of those "logic table" puzzles which i dislike immensely. What is this type of puzzle called and are there more like it ...
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Hat-guessing with a spy

After failing to destroy the human race, Aliens have returned to make another attempt. This time they have planned a wicked strategy. They have again abducted $N$ people, but one of these people is ...
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Of men and hats

There's an obvious generalization of this problem: There are a rather large number of prisoners, each of them seeing the color of the hat of all the following sad fellows bot not their; the hats may ...
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Think in a Odd way

You have been captured for the crime of making a rude comment on Puzzling Stack Exchange and sent to Puzzlcatraz, a special prison for perfectly logical logicians. The warden is fair and decides to ...
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1000 logicians wearing hats

Pre-game: There are 1000 logicians in a line, each wearing a black or a red hat, completely at random. No one knows the color of their own hat. Each can see the hats on the next 10 people. The ...
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The mad king and the 100 men who each have to guess the colour of their own hat [duplicate]

The following is the puzzle that I am trying to figure out. I know the "expected solution of 99". But honestly, I think this puzzle is flawed. How exactly can each wise man know the number of hats ...
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Prisoners and their hats [duplicate]

This is a variant some of the existing questions on this exchange, but I can't see this exact problem. Basic example duplicates this question Some prisoners are going to be lined up, all facing ...
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