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Survive from death by asking the right question from trolls [duplicate]

You are in the intersection of two roads, there is a troll in the beginning of each road. One of them is liar (always lies), and one of them always tells the truth. One of the roads, ends to your ...
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Crossroad with an Indian from one of two tribes [duplicate]

You are on a trail in a desert. You already drank all your water, and are 2 miles from the next well. There is a crossroads in the trail. One path leads directly to the fountain, and one leads out ...
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The Lying Villages [duplicate]

This isn't a duplicate! The "Two doors with two guards - one lies, one tells the truth" isn't like this question! You just have to pay attention in each one to se the difference. A man was walking ...
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Which is the door to heaven [duplicate]

After living a peaceful and calm life, you die a painless death. Your spirit starts ascending into heaven when suddenly you are approaching two doors. Both doors are completely identical and there is ...
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The 2 Doors, One leads to the truth other leads to certain death [duplicate]

You approach two talking doors. One door leads to the City of Truth, while the other door leads to the City of Liars. You do not know which door is which. You are able to ask only one question to ...
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Brainteaser: Octopus in the Box [duplicate]

There are two boxes in front of you. One box has an octopus inside it and the other box does not. Box A has owner A standing in front of it and Box B has owner B standing in front of it. One of the ...
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What color is the statue? [duplicate]

This question has been tagged as duplicate of Two doors with two guards. What makes this questions different: Let me state the obvious about this question: you meet one islander. you ask one ...
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Brain twister. A simple riddle to play [duplicate]

You are lost big crowded (monster). There are only two human living Jacobe and Recode . Your task is to reach your home, there are two routes and you are confused. Conditions: Jacobe always tell the ...
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Which one is the road (or path) to Beijing? [duplicate]

If I remember correctly, this is a question for admission to a college in China long time ago: 1) You are traveling and have reached a point on the road where it diverges to Path A and Path B. One ...
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Two roads, one guard [duplicate]

You are at a crossroad. One road goes to hell, the other to paradise. There is one guard. The guard only answer questions and only using Yes or No. The guard is one of two categories: one category ...
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A special Question [duplicate]

(Some of you may already know the answer, so please just write a solution, if you never heard of this riddle) You are in a room. In there are two doors. Behind one is the thing you always wanted to ...
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Survive from death by asking the right question twist [duplicate]

You are at a path and there is two roads splitting from it. The first one is certain death and the other is the way home. You do not know which way is the right way home, but there are two people. ...
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Two doors and two guards (variant) [duplicate]

So, I've finished building my "Island of Logic!", where there are a number of puzzles for travellers. So far, I have a bunch of rivers with river craft, wolves, goats, and cabbages; and a ...
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Three Doors, One Truth-Teller, One Question

You are in a prison. There are 3 doors, and a ghost standing in the middle of the prison. He says one of the doors is the way to freedom while the other two lead to death. You get to ask only one ...
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Logic explanation in "two doors" answer

In one of the answers to this question, reproduced here: You are a prisoner in a room with 2 doors and 2 guards. One of the doors will guide you to freedom and behind the other is a hangman - you don'...
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