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The answer is the same (tricky puzzle!)

Fill in the right words and the answer can be read across. Enjoy! Expensive Automatic Life Shrink Nadir Named Winter
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How can I avoid the "Riddle-maker's Dilemma?"

When writing riddles, I often encounter an issue that I've decided to call the "Riddle-maker's Dilemma." (Forgive me if there's already a name for this.) In short, the line of thinking goes like ...
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What am I? I always play fair

What am I? A word of 6 letters, I always play fair Minus my first I am cold Minus my last and jumbled, I'll give you a massage Jumble my whole, You'll learn nothing from me I always ...
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Another strange Riley riddle

Here is a new Riley riddle. My prefix is how @Duck eats(no offense), My suffix is the most popular here, My infix is a someone who does something wrong in Romania, Altogether is ...
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A Riddle of Riddles

As the title states, I have decided to make another quite involved riddle, and though I should probably get away from acrostics for a while (more users are noticing them in my puzzles), I just couldn'...
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Tips wanted on creating a successful short riddle with a unique answer without attracting unconvincing answers

I'm aware of this: Strategies for creating a puzzle with a unique solution. However it is about number puzzles and so not relevant to my query. I am also aware of this How do I write a “solid” Riddle?...
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Not a good policy

My prefix is quite a stunner, my preinfix sharpens edges, my postinfix accepts cuckoos, my suffix is full of porkies. I am a collection of lies.
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Riddle: Am I a number or not?

I am a number above 3, saying I'm 4 and above and you would disagree; although I am seen as a very large number, in a paper fills with squares. Before I make your head spin, I will give you a hint; ...
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Say me out loud, I'll get stronger

Say me out loud I’ll get stronger Rearrange me It will just make me larger I’m triangular and angular Can be turned into one Left a whisper While staring down Had a groovy ...
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Another short riddle. Left alone, I'm a thing that this riddle has not

Left alone, I'm a thing that this riddle has not By every good writer I shan't be forgot Author's edit: This line has been deemed misleading and unfit for publication. The second line of the riddle ...
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A slightly normal puzzle

I found a very odd puzzle some time ago. I thought it was interesting, when I realized it was my own puzzle! Somehow I had no memory of creating it. Well, it turns out that I also created another ...
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To be honest, we're genuine

To be honest, we're genuine; Hoaxes we don't like Elephants are similar;unlike a riding bike A truthteller we are; Never tell a lie Swap letters and then you find: Words that mean fly. Explode a ...
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