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A king sent 10 of his servants out to buy him each 10 gold rings. Each ring should weigh 10 grams, and altogether there should be 100 gold rings. One of the King's spies told him that one servant had ...
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The Heavy Pill Puzzle [duplicate]

You have 20 bottles of pills. 19 bottles have 1.0 gram pills, but one bottle has 1.1 gram pills. There is a weighing machine which calculates exact weight, and you have to find the heavy bottle by ...
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Interesting Puzzle About Indian And Brazilian Marbles [duplicate]

There are 8 boxes each containing 8 marbles. There are two kinds of marbles – Brazilian kind and Indian kind. Each marble of the Brazilian kind weighs 12 units and each marble of the Indian kind ...
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10 identical bottles of pills [duplicate]

We have 10 identical bottles of identical pills (each bottle contain hundred of pills). Out of 10 bottles 9 have 1 gram of pills but 1 bottle has pills of weight of 1.1 gram. Given a measurement scale,...
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Find the Different Sugar Cubes [duplicate]

There are 10 Boxes, each contains 1000 sugar cubes. The sugar cubes in 9 of the boxes are 10 grams each and the other box has 9 gram cubes. There is a digital scale that you can use it ONCE. (i.e. ...
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Catch the fraud! [duplicate]

There are 10 gold smiths in the town and a rich businessman wants to collect 1kg of pure gold. So he informs each person to bring 10 balls of pure gold, each weighing exactly 10g. So altogether he ...
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A pile of fakes [duplicate]

You're working in a bank and you've been given ten piles of coins. One of the piles, you've been told is a pile of fake coins. The real coins are 100g in weight, while the fake coins are just 90g. ...
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Coin weighing with a single weighing device

You have 12 coins which each weigh either 20 grams or 10 grams. Each is labelled from 1 to 12 so you can tell the coins apart. You have one weighing device as well. At each turn you can put as many ...
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Bag of gold coins weighing with a digital scale

We are given 100 bags, each with 200 coins. All but one of the bags are filled with identical gold coins, but the other bag contains fake coins. The fakes all weigh the same as each other, but weigh ...
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200 Discs - weighing problem

You are an intrepid explorer who has been caught in a trap by a primitive tribe. They lock you in a room with no exit but one door. The door has a pressure sensitive release - incorrect pressure ($>...
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How many times do you need to use the scales to find the fake coin [duplicate]

Let's imagine that you have ten large bags of coins - nine of them real, one of them fake. You don't know how much the fake coins or the real coins each weigh, but you know that they differ. If you ...
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