The following pattern was given to me by one of my friend:
enter image description here,
enter image description here and
enter image description here
then, what is the value of
enter image description here
My Thoughts:
From the first figure we conclude each clock is represented by its equivalent hour value,
so $$9+9+3=21$$ From second figure we conclude each calculator is represented by its sum on its display,
so $$10+10+10=30$$ but third figure is little bit tricky with the consideration of fourth figure;
I think each bulb is decoded as two digit value with the following rules:
Unit's digit $\to$ number of arrows on the bulb , and
Ten's digit $\to$ number of bulbs
so, $$15+15-15=15$$ $\therefore$ answer is

$9+9*34= \boxed{315}$

Is there any better decoding of figures exists? or my logic is the best??

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    $\begingroup$ Do you really need to go to such complexity with the light bulbs or can you just say each radiating line is worth 3 points, making the three 4-line bulbs together (i.e. 12 radiating lines) worth 12x3=36? That would be simpler. $\endgroup$
    – Stiv
    Commented Jul 13, 2020 at 10:58

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There are 2 other ways to look at the bulbs

First the three bulbs in the last row could actually be

14+14+14=42 since each one is 10 plus the lines at the top. This gives 387 as the answer


Each bulb has 3 horizontal lines at the bottom portion. So the bulb could represent 5 top lines multiplied by the 3 horizontal lines (5*3=15)

It is hard to see the horizontal lines in the last picture but if they are 3 also then each bulb is 12 so the three bulbs are 36 and the answer is 9+9*36=333


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