Mr.K's message:

It's a beautiful day outside! Geese are flying.

Remember that my favorite seafood is squid?

It's best served with Java waterdropwort!

Let's eat them next time we meet, dad.

Also note that, when I drink water, I always use a bowl made of a gourd.

It's such an antiquated fashion to do in Seoul!

Meanwhile, it's nice to hear the chime of my house – a silver bell.

For you, maybe I should buy more bowls made of gourds?

Also I remember going to Naples when I was young.

I asked people there whether they know Yi [REDACTED]! Haha, silly times.

To think about it, I think the squid would also go well together with platycodon.

Now try to decrypt this message, dad!

  • $\begingroup$ The author of the message is dead, with silver bells on the tombstone, and mourners bring gourd bowls of holy water to the grave. $\endgroup$ – risky mysteries Jul 21 '20 at 16:02

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