The clockmaker took a walk after a lunch from a restaurant and across the block corner he found the old clock box with four similar looking clocks on every wall. It is in the middle of the street intersection mounted on top of a tall wooden pole. "Can you restore and synchronize them?" ask an old man sitting on a bench around the pole. "You see, only the pendulum clock is running. The last that stopped yesterday afternoon is the tilted clock. All these clocks usually works properly on their own ways" he explains while giving a rewinder key and a ladder to him. As the clockmaker inspect and explore the 4 clocks, enter image description here he noticed that on top of the box are some keyholes while only the precision clock has an adjusting knob above it. And a note that reads: "Rotate Second hand in one direction and the Minute hand will rotate likewise in same direction and angle. Rotate the Second hand the opposite direction and the Hour hand will rotate likewise in same direction and angle [Precision: 1sec/2yrs]". It looks like he needs to adjust the hands in proper positions before starting it because the Second hand is offset by +7 secs.

The note above the pendulum clock reads: "The seconds , the minute and the hour hand reverse their rotational direction when they strike the 12 mark. At midnight all hands are moving clockwise". The clockmaker forgot his cellphone to tell time but If he can tell the real time from this clock, he can make this the reference for starting the other clocks.

The note above the relay clock reads: "At 12 o'clock all hands runs with proper clockwise speed. When two hands coincide they switch rotational speed". For the clockmaker it is easier to tell the time on the clock when he figure out the pattern.

The note above the tilted clock reads: "All the hands are always at the proper angles. The clock face has a tilted design and the hand dials were shuffled". For the clockmaker this is shambles. He can't tell which hand runs in seconds,minute or hour speed. And the face plate of the clock is a bit loose indicating it had been rotated somehow. He must turn it to proper position.

The clockmaker can starts a clock when he rewinds it. He finished the job in an hour or so. How did he restored and synchronized the four clocks?

  • $\begingroup$ Could I recommend shortening the hour hands on these? It's a bit ambiguous looking on some of them and I want to make sure I have it right. $\endgroup$ – Michael Moschella Jun 17 at 18:49
  • $\begingroup$ I find it hard to load png . you see i make hour hand (thickest) longer to point to right targets: Can i just clarify that tilted clock hands are all directly pointing to marks and same as the precision time?Also the hour hand in pendulum clock points near the middle of 9 & 10 while in the relay clock it point to past 41 minute. $\endgroup$ – TSLF Jun 17 at 20:02

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