I created this puzzle. Observe the following sequence carefully. $$\text{men, xomt, asem, nub, chesbet, teht, hat}$$ Now answer this question:

Why did I run around crazy after this? What's my problem?

Bonus: Find out how the sequence above is related to the following one. $$4-13-1-78, 210-34-69-82, -4-9010-84-82-85-77, 76-10-68, -2-646-3-784, 80716, -11-88-86-69-82$$ Hint 1:

How do you know this question? (-e) + The Mentalist

Hint 2:


Hint 3: (for Bonus question):

What does this world want besides law?


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Partial Answer

From Googling about a bit it seems like all the words are

Names for Egyptian alchemy symbols

In particular, the correspondence seems to be

Men = Iron
Xomt = Copper
Asem = Electrum
Nub = Gold
Chesbet = Enamel or Sapphire
Teht = Lead
Hat = Silver

Why did I run around crazy for after this? What's my problem?

Not sure but if we take Enamel as the Chesbet then the first letters spell out ICE GELS so maybe you need some pain relief.

No idea on the Bonus but maybe somebody else will get inspiration.

  • $\begingroup$ Great @hexomino. Try to solve the bonus one. Well done, again. And try to explain how my hints relate to your answer. $\endgroup$ Jun 5, 2020 at 14:23

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