I got a wooden puzzle (I guess it is a puzzle) consisting of six equal and symmetric parts (four of them from different angles in the picture).

Wooden puzzle

I have no manual and would like to know what its name is and how it should look like when assembled together.


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Looks like a 3-d star puzzle like the one here?


I happen to have a very small plastic version of this puzzle. It contains 6 trapezoidal pieces

  • 1 plain bar
  • 3 notched bars
  • 2 wicked bars

Here is the construction sequence

The outer edge of each piece is the longest straight edge without any notching (A).

Start by holding the wicked pair, with their extra notch away from you (B and C).
Insert a notched bar with its notches uppermost. Don't push it all the way in.
Insert another notched bar with its notches downmost. Align it with the first one (D).
Take the third notched bar and slide it between the other two, notches innermost (E).
Now push that set of three notched bars in as far as possible (F and G).
Finally slide in the plain bar. There are two ways – match up the ends to align (H and I).

enter image description here
Despite the appearance of being interlocking, it is only held together by friction, as can be seen when you try to separate the pieces all at once (J).


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