This square is composed of elements, all in the same set, written either horizontally or vertically. There is no overlap, each letter belongs to exactly one word. However, the words are anagrammed. Please find the words, and the specific smallest recognised set which includes these.

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They all are

SI units, more specifically derived SI units which explains the title, as @oALT notes in the comments


Coulomb (row 8, starting from column 1)
Sievert (row 1, starting from column 2)
Joule (column 2, starting from column 2)
Lumen (column 7, starting from column 2)
Henry (column 4, starting from column 2)
Farad (column 3, starting from column 2)
Weber (column 5, starting from column 2)
Tesla (column 6, starting from column 2)
Ohm (row 7, starting from column 1)
Volt (row 7, starting from column 4)
Pascal (column 1, starting from column 2)
Siemens (column 8, starting from row 2)

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