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Grid in plaintext

1. Intimidate bovid with hairy tail (7)
5. Intimidate bovid with hairy tail (3)
7/21. String instruments striking first note in southeastern city (3,4)
9. Big football Argentinians held (5)
10. A new plan covering start of rebellion for southern region (9)
11/35/27. Final letter of elderly grandma in a dying resort describing philosophical concept (3,3,4)
12. (See 15 across)
13. A mother following Peter, perhaps leading to urban area which is a country's capital (6)
15/12. One servant turned in front of popular former ruler (3,4)
16. Put into motion the framing of defensive scheme (6)
18. A Southeast Asian to draw for the audience (4)
21. (See 7 across)
22. Member of a people hiding inside from animals (6)
23. (See 34 across)
25. Capital city enters extremely complex turning point (6)
27. (See 11 across)
29. Halfhearted effort to make Asian food (3)
32. Moving tin trains are en route (2,7)
33. Be in possession of northern harbour (5)
34/23. Pole reversed material going down the drain for 1970s movement (3,3)
35. (See 11 across)
36. Repeated publications rushed to press (7)

1. Intimidate bovid with hairy tail (5)
2. Amazing frescos in study of evidence (9)
3. City's corrupt deal with personal assistant (8)
4. Member of a people hiding inside from animals (5)
5. (See 24 down)
6. Capital viewed after conflict (6)
7. Hindu narrative bringing up creative work by American (5)
8. Several on the outside react badly to fruit (9)
14. Member of a people hiding inside from animals (4)
15. Shooting up central offices north of New Jersey, with special notice (9)
17. Sport for a jacuzzi, perhaps (4)
19. Save wheat, maybe for periods of hot weather (9)
20. Family relationship brought about the beginning of great monarchy (8)
24/5. A mother following Peter, perhaps leading to urban area which is a country's capital (6,4)
26. Following fanatically to win (2,3)
28. Alt-right gathered around a church table (5)
30. Classes for children covering introduction to nature (5)
31. Recycled from contents of previous editions (4)


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The solved puzzle, with clue explanations:

enter image description here

And, in case anyone missed it: there are several Schrödinger clues here (clues that have multiple different solutions, disambiguating by letter count)! 1A, 5A, and 1D are the same; so are 22A, 4D, and 14D; and so are 13A and 24D!

  • $\begingroup$ Only beaten by 30 minutes. That's a victory in my book. (Unless you started well after the puzzle was posted, of course.) $\endgroup$ Apr 17, 2020 at 7:59
  • $\begingroup$ @LannyStrack (I did -- I only saw the puzzle about 45 minutes after posting.) $\endgroup$
    – Deusovi
    Apr 17, 2020 at 15:58
  • $\begingroup$ Sorry, @deusovi I only solved one of them. I can't see the grid. See answer below. $\endgroup$ Apr 21, 2020 at 1:40

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