While walking in a small alley in Paris, you come across a safe.

The number pad looks like this :

enter image description here

There are things on the back of the safe too :

"À l'aide du carré 3x3 ci-dessous et des nombres périphériques jaunes, déterminez le code du coffre-fort.
Entrez la combinaison trouvée sur le pavé numérique, puis appuyez sur 'Ouvrir'."

enter image description here

What are the buttons you have to press on the number pad in order to open the safe ?


The number behind the "?" isnt created using the same formula as the other white numbers. Despite this, there still are 4 ways to find it.

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    $\begingroup$ Google Translate: "Using the 3x3 square below and the yellow peripheral numbers, determine the safe code. Enter the combination found on the numeric keypad, then press 'Open'. " $\endgroup$ Apr 12 '20 at 19:09

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