The images in the rectangle will help you replace the question marks with the correct numbers!

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Solution to the Rebus

First Image: Country Music
Second Image: Not Music
First + Second Images: Country
Third Image: Code
Overall: Country Code


Now that we know we are looking for country codes we can try to extract these from the triangles. If we assign letters to number A=1, B=2, C=3, etc, and read the numbers in each triangle in the order left, top, right we find the following codes,

CHN = China
IND = India
USA = United States
IDN = Indonesia
PAK = Pakistan

We recognise these as the five most populous countries in the world.

Lists of numbers

We notice that there are five lists of numbers and five countries mentioned so it seems that each country corresponds to a list. The first two list have ten entries and the rest have nine. If we were to concatenate the digits in each list, the first two numbers would be over one billion - this suggests that we might be looking at population counts for each country.

Population data is updated often and there are often disagreements between different sources (because of the high variance in estimation) but I think I've found the source of the numbers used for this puzzle: https://www.internetworldstats.com/stats8.htm

China, 1,4,3,9,3,2,3,7,7,6
India, 1,3,8,0,0,0,4,3,8,5
United States, 3,3,1,0,0,2,6,5,1
Indonesia, 2,7,3,5,2,3,6,1,5
Pakistan, 2,2,0,8,9,2,3,4,0

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