The following list has 32 elements. Element 8 and elements 22 to 32 are missing. Can you find why element 8 has been chosen to be missing? And can you find what are the missing elements?

  1. RTKW
  2. EHKB
  3. NPKB
  4. PBKW
  5. NPKW
  6. NQKB
  7. NPKB
  8. ????
  9. NPKW
  10. PBKB
  11. NPKB
  12. EHKW
  13. NPKW
  14. NPEW
  15. RTKB
  16. NPKB
  17. NPEB
  18. RTEB
  19. NPKW
  20. NPEW
  21. EHEW
  22. to 32. ????

I will regularly reveal some until someone finds the solution or only one remains!

  • $\begingroup$ Qbrf vg unir gb qb jvgu ahzore bs Bylzcvpf rqvgvbaf? Gbxlb jnf tbvat gb or gur 32aq. $\endgroup$ – m4n0 Apr 4 at 14:05

This appears to be

a bizarre way of identifying chess pieces, in the starting position of the game.


Rooks are called "Tower"s, and knights are called "Horse"s. Then each piece is given four letters: the last letter of its name, the first letter of its name, the last letter of its color, and the first letter of the color of its square.


the pieces are read out in diagonal lines, starting from the top left:

enter image description here


Number 8 is "GKKW", for the black³ k²ing¹ sitting on a w⁴hite square. Perhaps it was removed because "GK" is a unique string in the given pieces, and that would make it easier to identify the pattern that the pieces were taken in?

[Also, a minor inconsistency:]

It appears that after piece 15, all the pawns have their first two characters swapped. I believe this to be a mistake, but there may be something I haven't figured out yet.

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  • $\begingroup$ Yes, it was a typo! Thanks :) $\endgroup$ – JKHA Apr 4 at 18:22

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