What do these five things have in common?

enter image description here


These images are in a specific order


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All of these pictures depict:

Words which are spelled exclusively using letters which are also Roman numerals.

Like so:

1. I (pointing to oneself)
2. XI Jinping (General Secretary of the Communist Party of China)
3. LI (lithium batteries - 'Li' is the chemical symbol for Lithium in the Periodic Table)
4. MI (the third note in the Do-Re-Mi scale, equivalent to an 'E')
5. MIX (using a whisk)

The images are ordered:

In ascending numerical order when converted to Roman numerals:
I (1), XI (11), LI (51), MI (1001), MIX (1009).


It looks like they all

Rhyme, namely me, Xi (President Xi Jinping), battery, E (the musical note), and she (the girl with the whisk).

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