Give a word to complete this sequence:

rem, curvy, unsee, tharm, jars, up, tiers, tau, run, ran, us, pen, ?


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I believe you can complete the sequence with:



The sequence uses the letters of the 8 planets of our solar system (in sequence outwards from the Sun) to form a series of words. Occasionally a letter from the next planet's name is allowed to mix with the letters from the previous, so one letter's overlap is permitted. To demonstrate:

REM, CURvY, unseE, THARm, Jars, UP, TIERs, tau, rUn, RAN, US, pen, tune

is made using the letters of

MERCURY, venus, EARTH, mars, JUPITER, saturn, URANUS, neptune

The title refers to:

The movements of the planets - turning on their axes, and completing a turn around the Sun.


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