The four pictures below refers to a word each.
All four words come under the same topic.

Picture of 4 rebuses

Can you identify all four words and the topic?


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I think the topic might be

Military aviation slang/buzz phrases

  1. Mayday - Distress call, comes from the French M’aidez (help me).

  2. Dogfight - Aerial engagement with the enemy, usually at close range

  3. Bandit (from one-armed bandit or slot machine) - The bad guy in the dogfight ie the enemy

  4. Fox, or more specifically Fox 1 - call given to indicate launch of an air-to-air missile (Fox 1 indicating launch of sparrow missile, as opposed to fox 2 or fox 3)

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maypop - month of may with the last day 'popped' (in a programming sense).

wolfsbane - wolves having a fight. Wolf plural + bane (which means torment).

bouncing bet - another name for Saponaria officinalis. What appears to be bouncing balls are inside a machine used for betting.

red fox - a variety of Veronica Spicata.

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I think the topic could be..



Pic1 - may day, where rallies usually take place worldwide. Pic2 - clash, clashes are likely to happen during rallies. Pic3 - bandit(from one armed bandit), usually bandits are gang-members and some operates in large groups and engage in rallies(bandidos, hells angels, etc..). Pic4 - Fox, I associate this with "Fox News". Not unusal to see different type of rallies on the news.


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