Inspired by Avi's Vowelburger™ Riddle here and Ébe Isaac's Double Supreme Riddle.
The local Vowelburgers™ has added yet another a twist. They started making triple patty burgers where the patties need not be the same.

Here is their new menu:

Patty Vowelburger™
??? exchange
??? money
??? feast

Can you identify each type from the description on the menu?

A Triple Supreme Vowelburger™ is a word formed with with two consonant buns sandwiching three vowel patties.


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For the very hungry, our Vowelburger Triple Supreme comes with:

An L bun and an S bun...

Can you and your stomach conquer any of the following?

"exchange", i.e LIEUS (definition: "in lieu of")
"money", i.e. LOUIS (a French coin)
"feast", i.e. LUAUS (a Hawaiian feast)

Complete the challenge and win a free T-shirt!*

* T-shirt prize is not real...


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