Inspired by the original Vowelburger riddle.

A competitor has appeared to the Vowelburgers restaurant! Can you tell what they're doing?

$$ % custom template - reuse if you may \def\S#1#2{\Space{#1}{20px}{#2px}}\def\P#1{\V{#1em}}\def\V#1{\S{#1}{9}} \def\T{\color{white}{\textbf{Patty}}}\def\NT{\color{white}{\textbf{???}\ }}\displaystyle \smash{\lower{28px}\bbox[#c72c41]{\phantom{\rlap{rubio.2020.01.21-custom}\S{22px}{0} \begin{array}{cc}\T&\NT\\\end{array}}}}\atop\def\V#1{\S{#1}{5}} \begin{array}{|c|c|}\hline\T&\NT\\\hline % ~\text{?}&\text{I}\\\hline ~\text{?}&\text{metal}\\\hline ~\text{?}&\text{song}\\\hline ~\text{?}&\text{money}\\\hline \end{array}$$


Consonant burgers with vowel buns (O, E).

I = one
metal = ore
song = ode
money = owe

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    $\begingroup$ Yep, you got it. $\endgroup$ – Rand al'Thor Mar 9 at 12:14

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