You’ll spar better with five letters;
I charge a fee, must be me;
A precise gun if I’m done;
And I’m a band to cross land.

What am I?

Note: This riddle takes the form of A shocker in soccer. The key is to take a gibberish riddle and figure out which second half of the line matches up with the first half before solving for the word or phrase. Note that I was not systematic with mismatching lines this time.


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Perhaps you are

a train?

I believe the actual riddle goes something like this:

You’ll spar better if I’m done;
I charge a fee to cross land;
A precise gun must be me;
And I’m a band with five letters.

Line 1:

When you're done training, you'll be a better fighter.

Line 2:

You need to pay for a ticket in order to ride on a train to take you across the land.

Line 3:

A precise gun must be trained on its target.

Line 4:

Train is the name of a rock band and has five letters.


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