Context: Both Max and his friend Lisa have been told a word by their teacher and their conversation goes as follows:

Max: "What was the word that teacher told us again?"
Lisa: "What? Why weren't you listening?"
Max: "I hate the teacher, so I was zoning out"
Lisa: "Why? Even though you don't like the teacher, listening to her is a rule of conduct!"
Max: "Why are you talking to me about an expression for a general truth or principal?"
Lisa: "Because it is your name, and you should live up to it!"
Max: "Never mind, I'd better ask my mum about this word"
Lisa: "Um..."

After this conversation, Max immediately knew exactly what word the teacher had said. What word was it?


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Is it



"a general truth or principal" = MAXIM, plus Lisa's last word "Um" is MAXIMUM.


"it is your name, and you should live up to it" - contains MAX - plus "I'd better ask my mum about this word" - contains MUM.

Maybe there are also further clues towards this word that I didn't spot.

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    Feb 25, 2020 at 11:37
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