I'm a shocker in soccer;
An attack with many racks;
I sell while you yell,
And let rage be gone when switched on.

What am I? But there's a twist - I sort of lied to you, if you can figure out how.

Hint 1:

This is pretty clearly gibberish as is. But have you ever seen where you can switch what kind of shirt/face/body type goes on a certain character? I haven't been entirely truthful as to which dependent/independent clauses line up with which...

Hint 2:

I realize the last hint spawns all sorts of hellish combinations. Prune what you may, then realize I'm not that big of a liar. I was systematic in mis-attaching each clause.


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You are

An outlet

Because you have to

Change the order of the phrases by moving them up by one:

That is

I'm a shocker when switched on;
an electrical outlet
An attack in soccer;
an outlet pass
I sell with many racks,
an outlet mall or store
And let rage be gone while you yell.
an outlet for your anger


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