Gather round if you want to know
A tale of creatures from long ago
This rhyme is of the greatest beast
To rule the land from West to East
All creatures then would tend to run
To see the beast, their lives were done
The reason for their utmost fear?
That one day the great beast did tear
Apart the ground on which it stood
And fought the sky but lost for good
Great duty conferred that accursed date
All its size and power doubled with hate
Till at last the whole world it
Covered each mile bit by bit
Tell me: how is the name writ?


The first letter of each line

Form a DNA sequence. Taking the first letter of the amino acid represented by each triplet spells ATLAS, the answer.

GAT Aspartic Acid
TAT Tyrosine
TTA Leucine
AGA Arginine
TCT Serine

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    $\begingroup$ That was fast. Maybe you'd like to explain why it's thematic/how the title relates? $\endgroup$ – Avi Feb 14 '20 at 22:25

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