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1. #1 in Waterloo: a famous Duke (10)
7. Material essential to hotel management (3)
8. In Cuba, three facing death for unauthorized entry (11)
9. Exotic free-diving spot (4)
10. About-faces in response to poetic forms (8)
13. Newcomer taking secret code of silence (6)
14. Cheapskate going in front of the back of queue, in opposition to usual rules (6)
16. Thorough detective's leaders followed around (8)
17. Greatest footballer named George (4)
20. Beast mixed in condiment put in place once more (11)
21. Help a spouse regularly (3, abbr.)
22. Gradually examine taking lead, eventually concluding after small-scale scholarship ends (4,2,4)

1. News about new father having lost his head for Irish city (9)
2. Song and French corset – devious tools for the police (3,9)
3. Militant group of two capturing member of parliament (4)
4. Board game's appeal regularly becoming doctrine (6)
5. In portfolio, evil organization backing Mediterranean product (5,3)
6. Burma (Myanmar) protecting woman chased by a young Ben Affleck (3)
7. Mr. Franklin with announcement after Fabergé produced these breakfast items (4,8)
11. Poor workplace from southwest consumes hopes of personnel's leaders (9)
12. Piercing tip of spear weapon held by Poseidon (8)
15. Assault of Arthur put off (4,2)
18. Submit to the authority of old British Empire's leaders, Yankee (4)
19. Result of burning tree (3)


The solved grid:

enter image description here

Clue explanations:

enter image description here

The annotation might not make the last clue clear. "Gradually" is the definition, and then we have:
examine = TEST
taking lead ... = containing PB (the elemental abbreviation) and...
... eventually concluding = Y, the conclusion of "eventually"
after small- = everything so far comes after S
scale scholarship ends = and finally, the ends of "scale scholarship"


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