I'm six letters word, I usually work on two or more things;i also am a verb

Remove the first two letters from me, I become a suffix

Remove the first three letters in the first word, I become another suffix.

What are each of these three words?


The answer could be

ruling, usually mean to rule over more than one person. It can be a verb as well as an adverb or noun. It is also 6 letters in length.

As for the suffixes

-ling is a suffix after removing two letters and
-ing is another suffix after removing three letters (the riddle didn't mention three 'more' letters).


You could be



ORATION is normally done to a crowd of 2 or more people, -ATION is a suffix, and -ION is another suffix.

Although I think this riddle might be a bit too broad ... there are many suffixes ...

  • $\begingroup$ -ION removes 4 letters. $\endgroup$ – JMP Feb 11 at 12:27

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