During one of your late-night studies at library you found a piece of paper, which was used as a bookmark. You opened it and read its content. It seemed to be one of these post-war letters that never reached its recipient. Can it hide something?

Dear Hans,

news are traveling fast. You must heard that finally all those nazi felons are getting caught. 
I think that after a few weeks they all will be given justice. Now lets talk about the most important matter.
Imagine that their leader committed suicide in his secret bunker. To me - it is laughable.
Not that I thought of him as brave man. You remember what I was telling you. 
Great man does not need to hurt others to be great. Real hero is the one who protects.
Always remember that.

Do what must be done. Certainly they deserved everything that will fall on them. Any other person will tell you the same thing.
No one from this nazi scums deserves the trail.

Don't you seek revenge? Otto agreed with me. 
Let him talk to you. Friends should discuss their actions together.

Remember what they did to you and your family. You are known from kind heart and forgiving nature.
Rather than following your usual path - show them true meaning of despair.
During our travels together you told me once that revenge is bad thing. Unfortunetly, this time I can't agree.
Friends forever.

Yours Erhard.

Small hint #1:

Split of the text is important.

Medium hint #1:

Otto may seem to be the most worth knowing at START, but later you will notice that the others are of KEY importance.

Medium hint #2:

One particular nation thinks about themselves as the FIRST among races(two hints here).

Big hint #1:

Hans and Erhard should be used with prefixes.

Big hint #2:

After extraction of something - try looking at it from different perspective.


Most of the text could be entirely random.

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    – Bass
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    Feb 6, 2020 at 6:27
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Based on the hints and some research, I found that the writer is probably Ludwig Erhard. The 'Otto' mentioned is probably Otto Ohlendorf. I am still not sure of the hidden clue in the letter, but I'm wondering if it's hinting at some kind of planned fall of Hitler. Answer to small hint #2, 'Divide and conquer' is what they were planning? Got to think more. Great puzzle.

  • $\begingroup$ rot13(Gel sbphfvat yrff ba punenpgref. Gurl ner vzcbegnag sbe n fbyhgvba, abg n fgbel. Guvax ubj Fznyy uvag #2 pbhyq or nccyvrq gb gur grkg. Yrggre jnf jevggra nsgre Uvgyre'f snyy.) $\endgroup$
    – mustafa
    Feb 7, 2020 at 18:34

I'm not quite sure what the question meant. But what I was able to derive was that..

It is related to Nazi Germany

This is a letter before

June or July 1951. The aftermaths of WW2

And it's related to

The 11 War Crimes and Nuremberg Execution

The guy who wrote the letter Erhard His full name is

Erhard Milch.

He is a

Field Marshal who was very much involved in development of Luftwaffe(air forces of Nazi)

I am quite confused about the Hans, to whom the letter was addressed.

There are several(4-5) people who can be him. Most Probably

Hans Franck. He is a German Lawyer.

And the friend Otto that was mentioned most probably is

Otto Ohlendorf. Indeed a very powerful man who responsible for Intelligence and Security of Nazi Germany.


Otto Wöhler. He was a Army General.

I don't know whether I am right or not.

I guess that this letter is a few weeks before the The Nuremberg Execution which executed those who were found guilty of commiting Crimes against Humanity. Somehow Erhard is trying to communicate to Hans to save them by establishing a communication with Otto.

This is my first answer in Puzzling. Please help me improve my answers. And please do comments and give some more hints about the questions and what do we have to find. Please let me know if there are any grammatical errors.

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    $\begingroup$ Welcome to Puzzling. Feedback as requested: There are grammatical errors. Unless they cause confusion, errors in grammar are fine. You used the spoiler tags well enough. Other than that, it looks good. As for hints, that is entirely up to the person asking the question. That varies for each person. Have fun. $\endgroup$
    – MacGyver88
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