Apparently, yesterday was National Puzzle Day (in the US, I think).
As part of the celebration, American comedian Demetri Martin posted a puzzle on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DemetriMartin/status/1222580168692260866/photo/1

I won't share the image here because I'm not sure about permissions.
The essential idea is that the 26 letters of the alphabet are partitioned into 13 two-letter pairs.
There are 13 clues with each clue corresponding to one of the letter pairs.

The accompanying diagram had the letters arranged in a circle with a single pairing indicated by an arrow (so for example, the answer WE is indicated by an arrow from W to E).

In the original puzzle, the letter pairings were given at the outset.
Here, I present a similar puzzle but without the pairings (arrows in the diagram) and 13 clues as before.

enter image description here


  1. A valid Roman numeral.
  2. American pay television channel.
  3. Past and beyond.
  4. Famous alien.
  5. Unit of mass, abbreviated.
  6. Withdrawing tomorrow.
  7. A car manufacturer.
  8. During the time of being.
  9. Quicksilver symbol.
  10. Unknown if P.
  11. Abbreviated honorific.
  12. British comedy TV show.
  13. Professional law degree.

Can you determine the 13 pairings?

Feel free not to use the diagram, it is mostly for show.


This seems to work:

CL A valid Roman numeral.
FX American pay television channel.
BY Past and beyond.
ET Famous alien.
OZ Unit of mass, abbreviated.
UK Withdrawing tomorrow.
VW A car manufacturer.
AS During the time of being.
HG Quicksilver symbol.
NP Unknown if P.
MR Abbreviated honorific.
QI British comedy TV show.
JD Professional law degree.


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