I had once made a piece of wonderful art

Until then it had been a century's vain of work

Spent inside those Russian winter days

At last made in the early eighties

But a friend of mine had recently stolen

A new, similar work that is just as golden

So outside I chased him in the night

Challenge self-made to catch him in four minutes plight

So I walked straight forward and came across him

He saw me, had to make a quick choice then

Four paths before in front, he had to decide

Which to take and which to leave behind

But I had calculated the possibilities of each

After my move, in three blocks I would always reach

And at a dead end, my friend I would catch

Give a quick punch and grab back my sketch

For each choice he had, I had four more to make

Only one matched one, or else my challenge to forsake

Quite poetic, I must add, of my artwork I made

In which I had delivered one man's bane

In the end, this is a story to be told

Although not accurate, as if plated in gold

Who am I, and what I my famous work?

Please note I refer not to its horrible predecessor

And who's bane did I deliver at last?

Explain each and every line as much as you can!

  • $\begingroup$ I think we deserve a hint... $\endgroup$ – Matías Rodríguez Feb 26 at 19:10

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