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1/4/9. Isn't Satchmo sad during the final parts of Miles Davis song? (5,5,5)
7. Baron von Richthofen's rank above the king? (3)
10. Assistants have a bit of chlorine added to aqua regia and other similar substances (5)
11. People getting advantage as Benfica tries getting openers of Everton and Inter, losing time (13)
17. Sweet to take Gary to court hearing (6)
18. Mrs. Simpson's husband somehow awarded a cut (6)
20. Humble countdown to seize missing Head of Operations, Head of Navigation and Head of Engineering (3,4,2,4)
25. Tops of jazz returning in Introduction to Scott Joplin (5)
26. New paint for a crosser of the Atlantic (5)
27. Put together a wedded couple (3)
28. Final symbol in some games (5)
29. Country musician Kenny gets mixed up with strange type (5)

2. Everyone that is a woman (5)
3. Wonderful getting, at last, wife Eleanor to President Roosevelt (5)
5. Tour around college campus, initially rejected, beginning to take place (5)
6. Fashionable diet doing away with the last bit of meat, which is outside of the mainstream (5)
8. A bird has left the Big Ben? (5)
11. Standard recurrently featured in music is abysmal (5)
12. Dark time is almost beginning to turn (5)
13. Pass on for green light (5)
14. German car stereo's final sound (5)
15. Maybe Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is life force behind militant group (5)
16. Grass's jagged edges (5)
19. One way to have breakfast shown by Biden, perhaps (2,3)
21. Remove weapons from a French army after taking out Sarkozy finally (5)
22. Declining Darth's introduction, facing dark side Force (5)
23. A kind of vote to make jazz music a playground staple (5)
24. A bit of jazz to promote rock band (2,3)


Corrections and completion, thanks to @wI

After a few hours there is no other solution, so here is my "not-quite" attempt:

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1/4/9. AINT (isn't) LOUIS (Armstrong) BLUE (sad) between two S letters from mileS daviS
7. The Red Baron was an ACE which outranks KING in cards
10. Assistants - AIDS - have C (a bit of chlorine)
11. Anagram of BENFICA TRIES and E I initials but without T
17. SUE GARY (we hear)
18. The abdicated King - anagram of AWARDED with A removed
20. COUNTDOWN TO SEIZE after removing initials O, N and E
25. JANIS (Joplin) is JA (from jazz) + NI (in reversed) + initial S
26. Ship's name is anagram of PAINT
27. The letter A with the pair DD in wedded
28. Embedded in sOME GAmes
29. Anagram of G (singer Kenny G) and TYPE

2. ALL (everyone) + IE (that is)
3. Wonderful - NICE with E from wifE, Eleanor was NIECE of President Roosevelt
5. Remove T from Tour, put OUR around initials of College Campus
6. Fashionable = IN + DIET without the final T
8. C(L)OCK is a bird with Left
11. Embedded backwards in "musiC IS ABysmal"
12. NIGH (almost) + T from to turn
13. FOR - GO (green light)
14. AUDI + last O from stereO
15. IRA (militants) + QI (life force)
16. Anagram of EDGES
19. Anagram of BIDEN
21. UN (French one) + ARMY - Y (last letter)
22. D from Darth + YING (as in yin ~ yang)
23. Play on words: a SWING vote, a music genre
24. Embedded in "jaZZ TO Promote"

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    $\begingroup$ The missing clues: 7a: ACE (ddef), 8d: CLOCK (C(L)OCK), 22d: DYING (D_ + YING), 25a: JANIS (JA_ + IN< + S_), 12d is NIGH + T_ 24d is hidden string $\endgroup$
    – w l
    Jan 17 '20 at 11:50
  • $\begingroup$ @wl thanks, I wondered about RED being incorrect, it didn't quite work. $\endgroup$ Jan 17 '20 at 11:51

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